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The Venezuelan painter Jorge Rivas, is an American, who was born in May 10, 1961, Caracas, Venezuela. Self-taught painter, he is a regular visitor to New Yorkers museums in which through their visits to created his own art, observing the art works of the great masters of modern art, which he thinks that if others made their art, he would also be able to contribute and develop a work that is level of that can be seen in the great museums and even more, evolve it to the highest level of creation. that is his constant concern  and his big challenge.
Rivas is at a level of creation and proposal that goes on a parallel path with different proposals, but they are in the path of his contemporaries such as Mark Bradford and Julie Mehretu who, parallel to Rivas's, have been working on maps and aerial views, with proposals that become familiar with those of Jorge Rivas, with the big difference that Rivas uses geometry as a universal language and through it manages to communicate his concerns and complaints through art.

Jorge Rivas's biography reads a bit like a universal atlas , was  born in Caracas Venezuela lived in Miami for two years and then came to New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It is no surprise that his work incorporates the dynamic visual vocabulary of maps of cities including New York, Paris, Madrid,  and Africa for named some places, with Urban-planning grids and geometric architectural forms. 

Rivas creates wonderfully layered paintings that combine abstract forms with other Geometric but builds themselves architecturally, that is he builds cities geometrically respecting the lines and the colors, adding new and personal elements to the painting.

Rivas combines a personal language of signs and symbols with architectural imagery geometric, to create his very elaborate worlds mapping, cities, and also unknown places. Simultaneously engaged with social problems, a product of globalization. he says that can help create a better world for life through art.

Rivas Nació en Caracas Venezuela vivió en Miami durante dos años y luego vino a la ciudad de Nueva York, Nueva Jersey y Pensilvania. No sorprende que su trabajo incorpore el vocabulario visual dinámico de mapas de ciudades como Nueva York, París, Madrid y África para nombrar algunos lugares, con cuadrículas de planificación urbana y formas arquitectónicas geométricas.

Rivas crea maravillosas pinturas en capas que combinan formas abstractas con otras geométricas pero se construyen arquitectónicamente, es decir, construye ciudades geométricamente respetando las líneas y los colores, agregando elementos nuevos y personales a la pintura.

Rivas combina un personal lenguaje de signos y símbolos con una imaginería arquitectónica geométrica, para crear sus muy elaborados mapeos de mundos, ciudades y también lugares desconocidos. Simultáneamente comprometido con los problemas sociales, producto de la globalización. dice que puede ayudar a crear un mundo mejor para la vida a través del arte.

The Mappings, as the titles, are consequences of my research on the real world seen from an airplane, my experiences, but also my dreams and the spiritual world, full of so many mysteries, but my research and those of others on perfection are also reflected and the number of Gold, mathematics, still to be solved. in each work that I paint is the experience, and also is the consequence, and the artwork, to reflect.

Recent  Exhibitions:

New Britain Museum of American Art, Curated by Cristina Tafuri, Connecticut, USA. August 12 Sept 2 - 2021, Human Geometry Paintings.

Mattatuck Museum of Art, Curated by Kyle Harris, Connecticut, USA. January 31 to March 15, 2022.

Grants Pass Museum of Art, Oregon, USA. January March 2022.

Group selection exhibitions:
New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut, USA. April and May 2022.

Springfield Museum of Art Curated by Deidre Hamlar, Ohio, USA. August - October 2022.

Katonah Museum of Art NY - Northern West Hospital - NY - Westchester, Group Exhibition: Sep 2022-Oct-2023.

Monterey Museum of Art – Monterey, California Group Exhibition -Nov - Dec 2022.

IUP Indiana University Museum of Pennsylvania "Environmental", Curated by James Rickard, January 21-March 4, 2023.


Masur Museum of Art of Louisiana   colective Auction 14th annual festival  April- 2023



Springfield Museum of Art of Ohio ,Curated by Ramona Bronkar Bannayan From MoMA Museum ,Group Exhibition August 5 Oct 15 2023 


Marin  Museum of Contemporary Art of  California " there is Magic Here "colective exhibition  October 21 - December  23- 2023


Rivas also expects invitations from abroad, which include Venezuela, his country of birth where he soon hopes to show his important work.

"Environmental" IUP Indiana University Museum of Pennsylvania January 21 - March 04 , 2023.

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