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Jorge Rivas artist , American Venezuelan born Artist Painter,who live ,working and has his art studios  actually beetwen New Jersey and  Pennsylvania - USA. he is known as a geometric artist and creator of concept maps ,where he deals with the  themes of life ,death and inequalities in a symbolic way .

Jorge Rivas Artista ,Estadounidense  y venezolano de nacimiento ,quien vive , trabaja  y quien ademas tiene su taller studio en la actualidad entre el estado de New Jersey y  Pennsylvania  ,es conocido como un Artista geometrico y hacedor de maravillosas obras de mapas conceptuales ,en donde trata los temas de la vida,la muerte y las desigualdades de una manera simbolica.

The maps of cities and the routes demarcated in geometric shapes carry a message, they are not there by chance, I investigated and I am concerned to depict in each artwork a message of Peace, love and truth. More than a Map, it is the free life, the freedom, the sun, the moon, the stars, the nature, the rivers, the seas, the earth, it does not belong to anyone, it belongs to us all. they have been there for millions of years, even before human beings, I am interested in installing there, Where the message is installed in different people interacting with the works of art. The Mappings as the titles are consequences of my research on the real world seen from an airplane, my experiences, but also my dreams and the spiritual world, full of so many mysteries, but my research and those of others on perfection are also reflected and the number of Gold, mathematics, still to be solved. in each work that I paint, is the experience but also is the consequence, and the artwork, to reflect.


Los mapas de ciudades y las rutas demarcadas en formas geométricas llevan un mensaje, no están ahí por casualidad, investigo y me preocupa plasmar en cada obra un mensaje de Paz, amor y verdad. Más que un mapa, es la vida libre, la libertad, el sol, la luna, las estrellas, la naturaleza, los ríos, los mares, la tierra, no es de nadie, es de todos. han estado ahí por millones de años, incluso antes que los seres humanos, me interesa instalar ahí, donde el mensaje se instale en diferentes personas interactuando con las obras. Los Mapeos como los títulos son consecuencia de mi investigación sobre el mundo real visto desde un avión, mis experiencias, pero también mis sueños y el mundo espiritual, lleno de tantos misterios, Pero mi investigación y las de otros sobre la perfección también se reflejan y el número de Oro, las matemáticas, aún por resolver. en cada obra que pinto, está la experiencia pero también la consecuencia, y el arte a descubrir e interactuar .

Jorge Rivas Statement


Jorge Rivas's biography reads a bit like a universal atlas.

An American born in Caracas Venezuela lived in Miami for two years

and then came to New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


It is no surprise that his work incorporates the dynamic visual vocabulary

of maps of cities including New York, Paris, Madrid, and Africa for named

some places, with Urban-planning grids and geometric architectural forms.


Rivas creates wonderfully layered paintings that combine abstract

with other Geometric but builds themselves architecturally, that

is, he builds cities geometrically respecting the lines and the

colors, adding new and personal elements to the painting. Rivas

combines a personal language of signs and symbols with architectural

imagery geometric ,to create his very elaborate worlds mapping,

cities, and also unknown places.


Simultaneously engaged with social problems, a product of

globalization. he says that can help create a better world for

life through art.


The last Group exhibitions ,New Britain Museum of American Art,

Curated by Cristina Tafuri ,Connecticut ,USA.August 12 Sept 2 - 2021,Human Geometry Paintings.
Mattatuck Museum of Art Curated by Kyle Harris,Connecticut ,USA.January 31 to March 15 ,2022.

Grants Pass Museum of Art,Oregon,USA.January March ,2022.Group selection exhibition.

New Britain Museum of American Art ,Connecticut , USA .April and May,2022, Group Selection exhibition .

Springfield Museum of Art Curated by Deidre Hamlar ,Ohio ,USA.August - October ,2022.

Katonah Museum of Art NY- Northern West Hospital -NY-Westchester-Group Exhibition -Sep 2022-Oct-2023.

Monterey Museum of art - Monterey California Group Exhibition -Nov - Dec 2022

IUP University Museum of art ,Pennsylvania ,USA.January 21-March 4 2023

Springfield Museum of Art,Ohio,last Exhibition ,october 2022
Springfield Museum of Art,Ohio,last Exhibition ,october 2022

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africa jorge 3
africa jorge 3

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Jorge Rivas studios
Jorge Rivas studios

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Springfield Museum of Art,Ohio,last Exhibition ,october 2022
Springfield Museum of Art,Ohio,last Exhibition ,october 2022

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