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The Venezuelan painter Jorge Rivas , who was born in Caracas Venezuela in the mid-sixties. self-taught painter ,he is a regular visitor to New Yorkers museums in which through their visits to created his own art, observing the art work of the great masters of modern art, which he thinks that if others made ​​their art, he would also be able contribute and develop a work that is level of that can be seen in museums and even more, evolve it, that is his constant concern and challenge.

Last exhibition2008 international center gallery Miami ,USA. 2009 show ,Feria international de Miami USA ,Nahman Gallery 2010,show ,showplace antique center , Nahman gallery, New York, U.S.A 2010 ,show ,Jorge Rivas Gallery ,Show place antique center ,Manhattan, New York. 2011, show ,Art Paris 2011,Grand Palais, Paris France ,Saatchi Gallery. 2011 ,art in mind ,Brick Lane Gallery ,august 7-12 ,London ,England. 2011,show ,Agora Gallery ,New York ,February ,…August and September 2011 Latin American Show ,Master Of the Imagination ,Agora gallery new York 09 2011 2012,Altamira Tennis Club gallery ,May 2012,Caracas -Venezuela Art Takes Times Square with artist Wanted ,New NY,July 2012  . Pro arts studio tour Jersey City October 8 -15 2012 2012. 66 Biennial salon Michelena ,October- December ,Valencia Venezuela .

Montserrat  contemporary Gallery  Chelsea New York  Feb-march 2014 ,international show ,Nina Torres Gallery ,Miami ,July 2 - 10 ,2014 ,Expo New York , 2016 , The other art Fair 2016 Brooklyn ,Princeton Campus NJ  solo 2019, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach ,California ,Group Exhibition, July 2021.New Britain Museum of American Art ,Connecticut, Group Exhibition, August-Sept ,2021.   Art Competition international, Chelsea ,New York ,2011 ,award . Group. Award Grand Palais art Paris 2011 ,the best Art.



Southern exposure at the latin american art.

by john dorfman

art&antique magazine nov 2011


Art News ,summer 2014

Art Nexus ,sept   2014


Art takes times Square 2012

Page 110

Jorge Rivas, A contemporary American Artist Born in Venezuela , who has been working In the city of New York and New Jersey since 2006, known for his fabulous aerial views and imposing a work of conceptual , abstract and geometric ideas based on Greek philosophical thought from Platon, Euclid Even the concepts of Newton , Einstein and research and its relations with the atoms and cosmo .


Christopher klein Art critic




Jorge Rivas ,Pintor contemporaneo Estadounidense  Nacido en Venezuela ,considerado autodidacta y quien ha absorbido sus conocimientos observando dia a dia a los grandes Maestros del arte en los museos neoyorkinos ,y de otros importantes Museos y Exposiciones  en Europa ,tambien ha venido trabajando En la ciudad de New York y New Jersey desde el año 2005 ,exponiendo sus trabajos  y dando a conocer su importante obra.

I think that trhough there are rules to follow in art, also I firmly believe that we have to invent our own rules, and constantly reflect it in our work. Regardless of what you think, that you should project in your Finish Work, Otherwise it would be difficult for anyone to understand them now or in the near future.This experience has guided me to follow a path of reflections, in which I have been able to capture my own emotions and follow the ideas I have in my mind. Precisely, since I boarded my first flight as a passenger of a commercial aircraft, changed my perspective on distance. From the micro to the macro and from the macro to the micro, this is how aerial views are born, and the Mappings, which are series based on aerial travel experiences, complemented with the pure geometry, the sacred geometry that is in nature and in the human being from his birth and before, and what I am feeling every day, in other words, my own experiences. I have been working in the last Years  a series of Paintings, such as the aerial views, also called Mappings Series. I present them to you as my first letter of introduction.

Jorge Rivas

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